about us

We are a start-up developing technological solutions for marinas and marinas

Supported by Lanzadera, the accelerator and incubator of companies, we were born in Valencia, Spain, with the aim of automating work processes in ports and improve the performance of workers by implementing the use of new technologies.

Our service supports ports in their compliance with the Sustainable Development Strategy in ports promoted by the Spanish government, its action criteria and strategic lines, are the following:


Environmentally sustainable ports that are committed to their cities


Fast and efficient administrative procedures


Operational productivity and agile management


Innovative ports with international projection


Safe and secure harbors


Competitive services and efficient operations


Culture of corporate ethics. Expansion and continuous improvement of human capital.

We support the reduction of Scope 3 emissions from ports.

With our SaaS, we improve the Scope 3 impact of ports by helping to optimize workflows and offering a range of measures to achieve cleaner and more sustainable ports.